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        Flower and planting beds make a beautiful enhancement to your home landscape and come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few tips once you have determined the form and best location for your project. If you simply till up existing grass or turf to prepare a flower bed chances are the result will be a weedy flower bed in the future. So to avoid this problem, professionals mark the outline of the potential bed on the lawn and then use a power sod cutter to shave off the turf providing a crisp, clean edge to the bed. Then till up that exposed soil and install the edging you have chosen against the crisp edge the sod cutter left. You can use commercial plastic edging, wood, rocks to bricks or the natural decor of you choice depending on your taste and budget.  If you are planting shrubs rather than flowers, simply place plastic mat down after tilling and you are at the perfect depth to add decorative rock or the mulch of your choice and stay level with your lawn. A rear tine tiller is best suited for a project like this. If you prefer a raised shrub bed, and are using plastic mulch, you can simply till the grass as the plastic will control most of the weeds. If you are on a tight budget, plan ahead and lay down wet newspaper covered by black plastic in the fall. Hold it in place with rocks and weights. When you uncover the bed in the spring it will reveal composted newspaper & dead grass ready for tilling and planting.


                                                                              Last modified: April 10, 2017