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        The most important and difficult phase of the project will be setting the posts. Whether you are bordering a neighbor's property line with privacy fence or providing an area for your pet within your own property, your first step will be determining the exact location of the corner posts and placing stakes in the ground marking their location. After determining this, tightly stretch string from corner post stake to corner post stake through the entire perimeter of the future fence. Line post spacing will usually depend on the type of fence you are installing. I typically choose close to 8' for wooden privacy fence. Measure the distance from corner to corner in each stretch and determine an equal spacing that will fit that distance close to 8' but no less and mark those points along the string. In other words 8.5' is better than 7.5'.

        Now comes the digging. Your choices are by shovel or hand auger, by hand operated gas powered auger (you'll need 2 persons), or by tractor or skidloader attached auger. The number of holes you need, your age, and your budget may dictate the method you choose. All holes should be the same depth, 2-3' deep depending on the height of your fence, usually about 1/3 of the post length.

        Once the holes are dug install the corner posts. I ALWAYS set posts with concrete. It sets them firm while tamping dirt around the post is NEVER as strong, and it doesn't add much added cost to your investment. Place the post in the hole making certain enough extends above the ground. If not add some gravel and tamp with the post. You can trim the posts later to uniform length but you can't lengthen them. The easiest way to mix bagged concrete is with a 3 gal bucket and hand mortar mixer. Fill about 1/4 with water and slowly pour and mix the concrete until it is thick but still pours. Fill the hole around the post. Level the post in both directions. Typically the concrete will hold the post in place but you can brace it if necessary. Mound the concrete around the post base for drainage. Repeat with all corner posts and then let the concrete cure.

         When the corner posts are set, I stretch string tightly at about 1/4 and 3/4 post height from corner to corner. It is now easy to set each line post straight, both bottom and top, with your corners. Then set these posts with concrete as you previously did the corners. You'll still need to look down the row to be certain they are absolutely straight and always double check with a level because few posts are perfectly straight. When all the concrete has cured you can trim the posts equal height with a skill saw or handsaw and attach your fence.   


                                                                              Last modified: April 10, 2017